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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 27, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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and over the water, the san mateo bridge. car into a power pole right around the toll plaza. we'll give you the latest developments coming up. right now we'll give you a live look outside. trust us, beneath all those low-hanging clouds and the foggy outlook, that's san francisco and that is the golden gate bridge on this thursday, september 27th. this is "today in the bay." 5:00 on the nose. good morning, everybody. happy to have you with us. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. new this morning, fighting back may land you in the hospital. an examination of muggings on san francisco streets finds resistance usually doesn't help and the bad guys get what they want in the end. bob redell is live with more on the uptick in crime and what police say actually could happen to those that fight back. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. as sfpd would say, these numbers we're about to show you show how
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important it is to know your surroundings so you can do whatever is possible to avoid being in a situation where you're more likely to get mugged. because if you are robbed while out and about here in san francisco, chances are you will get hurt regardless of what you do. this is based on reporting done by the examiner which used statistics from sfpd. there were 100 muggings over a three-week period in late august and early september on both the streets and muni. that was split into two groups, those who cooperated with the mugger and those who did not. out of the 100 mugging victims, a third fought back. when they did, the majority were beaten up. we're talking about cuts and bruises, hardly any life-threatening injuries, and only a few of them were able to get back their stolen items. when you look at the group of people who cooperated with the mugger, there is still a good chance of getting assaulted. many of those, about half, were still attacked by the criminal even though they did not resist.
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the best advice from police, don't resist, cooperate with the mugger. those statistics show that you have a better chance of escaping unharmed. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." and this morning police are looking for a man who exposed himself to a teenager in the south bay. take a good look at these sketches here of the man believed to be involved in this case. it all happened in scots valley. police say a 15-year-old girl was walking down the street when the man was sitting in his car. he opened up the door and then exposed himself. the girl, she ran and the man sped away in his car. that car is a small black four-door. he could also be connected to an attempted abduction that happened in the very same neighborhood. anybody with any information is pleased asked to call scots valley police. a woman who said she was sexually abused by two middle school teachers in the 1990s is now talking about her lawsuit against the school district. she filed a civil suit against the moraga school district and
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former administrators this week. the walnut creek woman says both ignored repeated allegations of sexual abuse against young girls. >> i hope that it sends a message, especially to the kids at that school and other schools, that if something bad is happening to you and you say something that someone will do something for you. >> a criminal case against one of her abusers is over. that teacher now spending eight years in prison for rape. parents in one san jose neighborhood are planning a safety march tonight to protest prostitution near a local elementary school. parents say fewer officers out on the streets has led to a spike in crime, particularly in prostitution near washington elementary school. they say not just at night but it actually happens during school hours. the march kicks off at 6:30 tonight and will continue down south 1st street. 5:03.
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an east bay woman whose daughter and husband were killed by a teenage driver says the suspect's apology is too little too late. 17-year-old david rosen tried to apologize to the family after he admitted guilt, saying he was speeding when he struck and killed 41-year-old the man and his 9-year-old daughter in april. the victim's wife and mother says it's too painful to hear the apology. the teen's attorney insists rosen is remorseful and is undergoing therapy to deal with the tragedy. he will be sentenced october 22nd. two east bay lawmakers right now calling for a state hearing on last month's richmond refinery fire. they want to know what steps government agens are taking to try to prevent incidents like that from ever happening again. chevron is issuing an industry alert about the corrosion in the pipe that caused the blaze. the pipe was manufactured with a low level of silicon which allowed the metal to corrode
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faster than expected. though the pipe was inspected, the flaw was never reported. today is the final day of testimony in the trial of the san francisco police crime lab technician accused of taking lab samples. police say debra madden skimmed cocaine from the city's crime lab back in 2009. attorneys are expected to wrap up their cases today. if all goes as planned, there will be closing arguments on monday. if convicted, madden could face up to four years in prison. a marin county judge has granted a trial delay for an alleged serial killer but not as much time as he wanted. he wanted the trial postponed from november to february. if not longer. the judge agreed to push jury selection until january. he is acting as his own attorney. he has hired and fired a series of advisory lawyers and claims he needs more time to prepare with his latest adviser. he is accused of killing four northern california women from
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the 1970s to the 1990s. well, it is official. the replacements are out. nfl referees, the real ones return to the field tonight. i guess that means we can yell at the experts now. christie smith is live in oakland where some of the teams are not celebrating their return. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. we're finally able to catch up with some raiders fans and niners fans out here. this is coming down like breaking news on their texts and bluetooth. they're really happy about this. in fact it's the best news they're hearing in a long time. that the real refs expected to be out there on the field starting tonight. that according to the terms of an eight-year collective p bargaining agreement reached between the nfl and the referees association. it still needs a vote but after the game on monday night, the replacement refs were certainly in the cross-hairs with a lot of people. the raiders defensive back michael huff jokingly remarked
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that he liked the replacement refs. the team has certainly had its share of penalties but with the replacement. >> referee: they're averaging 4.7 penalties and 33 yards in four games. they say no one wants to be on the receiving end of a bad call. >> i don't think so in the long run. i think that, you know, games end to be what they should be with the exception of a couple or few calls that are pretty bad. everybody can recognize that it should have went the other way. but for raiders and niners, i know raiders have a lot more -- they're more aggressive. >> reporter: now, the real refs expected to be back tonight, cleveland at baltimore game. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> yes, indeed, the world is right again. >> you know it's bad when even i can see the play. >> she figured it out. >> yep, pretty fast.
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we want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. she is our expert when it comes to the forecast. >> you can't see me, i'm deep in the fog this morning. 5:08. hey, we could use more referees like you, laura garcia-cannon. taking a live look, i just want to show you how foggy it is. if you live in a high rise you'll look down over the fog bank. all that is being forced down to the surface of the as a result you might find some drizzle on your way to work. we're in the 50s, upper 40s up in the north bay. you'll also find deep pockets of fog from san jose down to gilroy. really want to take it easy out there. nice and clear to start in livermore and concord. as we head throughout the afternoon, temperatures warm into the 80s as of noon today so you'll notice a significant difference from yesterday. warmer conditions and that warm-up continues as we head to the weekend. but you know if it's going to get hot in the tri-valley, it's going to be perfect at the coast. 72 degrees in san francisco today. tomorrow add an additional five
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degrees. we are up in the triple digits by this weekend. wait until you see that seven-day forecast, it might just blow your mind that it's the first week of fall. >> looking over here, san mateo bridge. it moves smoothly right now. looking over to the east bayside where we just saw the slowing show up again but we should have cruise on the move. i got word that pg&e did arrive at the scene. i don't know exactly what they had to do but all incidents are cleared from that eastbound direction around the toll plaza. there's residual slowing as the flashing lights clear the area. a smoother drive to the north although there's still construction approaching the maze. west 24 coming out of the tunnel from orinda to oakland. 880 between 980 and 23rd as well as around the curve heading toward the bay bridge, just one lane blocked there. a live look outside through oakland talking about that construction, there's flashing lights traveling north. they may be getting ready to move some of those crews away from the roadway. when they have flashing lights we see temporary slowing but not
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a big deal right now. >> thank you very much, mike. how your cell phone could soon help you speed through the checkout line coming up. and yet another reason why it's important to be earthquake ready here in the bay area. good morning, i'm marla tellez. i'll tell you what a new study says about earthquakes that happen thousands of miles away, coming up. work, school, practic, dance class, shopping, and more. so do something nice for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. i'll have the build your sown burger with a...n?r it.
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welcome back, everyone. taking a live look outside this morning, fall is here. boy, you know, waiting for the pumpkins, the carving, oh, no, you've got to wait for the heat to leave us. we'll check the temperatures. they are going to get high this weekend. it's 5:12 right now. new worries this morning over large earthquakes halfway around the world. some scientists now say they
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have a direct impact on bay area fault lines. marla tellez is live in san jose with details of why that is especially worrisome to one south way community. good morning, marla. >> reporter: laura, good morning. that south bay community being morgan hill where people live especially close to anderson dam. for a few years now the water district has been concerned that dam would fail in the event of a high magnitude earthquake. they say if the dam ruptured, it could flood an area from morgan hill to san jose. that's why the district has plans to retrofit it. this afternoon the district is holding a public meeting to talk about that seismic retrofit project for the anderson dam. that meeting starts at 4:00 at jackson elementary school in morgan hill. now, that comes on the heels of an alarming new study that shows a majorert qua earthquake on th side of the globe could trigger the bay area's two biggest
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faults. those being the hayward and san andreas faults. this according to geologists who found that the largest earthquake so far this year, the one that hit near indonesia in april, the 8.6 quake, that quake triggered aftershocks around the world as much as a week later. in fact it set off 16 earthquakes of magnitude 5.5 or greater within days, one that was even felt as close as monterey county. the takeaway for all of us is our vulnerable faults here in the bay area and earthquake country could be rattled awake by a quake that strikes thousands of miles away so now is the time to make sure you and your family are earthquake prepared. live in san jose, marla tellez, it is 5:14.ay." one of the actresses who appeared in the infamous anti-islamic film has sued youtube in court. scott, she wants that film taken
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down. >> that's the gist of the suit. i've been talking to the lawyer in the case and she thinks they'll get action from federal court in san jose quite quickly. the video which we have not shown and will not show on tv caused a huge uproar across the islamic world for its disrespect of the prophet muhammad. youtube took it down in many countries but not in america. actress cindy garcia says she was tricked into appearing in the movie and here's where it gets interesting. she's claiming she owns the copyright on the film. she never signed any release. her lawyer says, therefore, she owns the right to her own appearance. so youtube doesn't have her permission to run the video. this is an interesting argument and a decision by federal courts either way has the potential to set legal history. let's check in with news before the bell this morning. bertha coombs is live at cnbc headquarters. good morning, bertha. >> good morning, scott. the futures are pointing to a
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higher open. investors seem optimistic about new budget measures being unveiled in spain at this hour. also we had a positive bond offering in italy. stocks fell on wednesday as we saw those violent protests in greece against austerity measures. asia was higher overnight, europe is higher at the moment. here we are waiting in the next few minutes data, including the weekly unemployment filings, demand for big ticket durable goods, pending home sales and second quarter gdp. the dow fell 44 points to 13,414. the nasdaq losing 24 to 3094. bank of america is testing technology to left customers pay for items at the checkout counter by scanning a code on their smartphone. the test is currently being run in charlotte, north carolina, where b of a is head quartered. for now only bank employees have access to the program. it has a huge possibly, analysts
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say. they expect it to top $171 billion worldwide this year. i know you can already do it at starbucks but that's only for a starbucks account. scott, you need to have your iphone to do that and 12 days in, i think the driver may be using apple maps because it still hasn't reached me. >> bertha, thank you very much for working in an apple maps joke as well. bertha coombs at cnbc. i have some new video out of northern china. it's the foxcon factory. lines of people interested in job interviews. this video comes from a private marketing firm in china. this is the same plant where violence erupted late last week, overturning cars, fires. the "wall street journal" this morning has an interesting theory about the cause behind the violence. there are several plants making iphones and other tech devices and management has been moving some of these workers from the southern plant to the northern plant near beijing.
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apparently things are much more relaxed in the southern plant so when workers arrive at the northern plant, there's this culture clash with fellow workers and more importantly with the guards. it is 5:18 right now. christina loren is back to talk about the weather. we've got the roller coaster start. it's going to go up first, right? >> it's going to go way up. that mercury is going to keep on climbing all the way through sunday and then we're going to max out sunday staying just about as hot on monday. if you can hold up for one minute i will get to that seven-day outlook as fast as i can. you need to see it as you're trying to make weekend plans. after all, everybody, we like to enjoy thursday around here. 54 degrees in oakland, 46 in novato and 48 degrees in santa rosa. but what's interesting is this might be the last chance or the last time you have to use your ac for three or more consecutive days as we head into the weekend as things are really going to change. look at this storm system that's
5:19 am
developing out here just over alaska right now. this is a very potent system, very well organized. you can see that wrap-around moisture, very tight center. yeah, that's headed our way as we head through next week. so we have some showers on the way towards wednesday into thursday, but we've got a heat wave to get through before that time. starting today, temperatures are going to be warmer by about five degrees from yesterday. we'll tack on an another three to five tomorrow and then we get downright hot saturday into sunday. so sunny conditions for today. we do have some fog out there and drizzle right at the immediate coast in particular and around the inner bay. that will clear by about 9:10. 79 in oakland. not much of a difference today in san jose and oakland, 72 degrees in san francisco. here it is, saturday, yeah, 99 looks hot but not as hot as it's going to get. 101 by sunday, holding on to the triple digits on monday. wednesday we get that north bay shower, wednesday into thursday. and if the system drops down to the south enough, we might get a little something even in the
5:20 am
south bay so we'll keep tracking that for you. 5:19, let's check your drive. hi, mike. >> it looks like christina is trying to use every possible icon for that weather. we don't have a lot. yellow, speeds dip down to about 60. we did have a good deal of slowing in north 101 from yerba buena, actually capital expressway all the way up toward tully. looks like the construction zone just about cleared as the slow-moving construction vehicles cleared the sensors. yerba buena, likely will have the on-ramp closed again tonight and tomorrow night depending on how the rest of the construction project continues. the earlier problem on 152 coming westbound as cleared. eastbound never saw any real slowing. that's for folks heading out of gilroy and heading toward i-5 or 99. a live look outside and we'll show you how things are shaping up over here. this is fremont, 880 north heading up past mission and past the truck scales.
5:21 am
southbound equally as smooth. and over the golden gate bridge, we do show the issue of fog here and along the coast as christina talked about, especially right around half moon bay. back to you. it's 5:21. uc davis has agreed to a settlement with protesters who were pepper sprayed during an on campus demonstration. the university of california will pay out more than $600,000 to 21 students. each student will receive about $30,000 and a written apology from the university chancellor. the agreement also calls on university officials to work with civil liberty advocates to modify crowd control policy and police response tactics. a new agreement between america's cup organizers and the city of san francisco is moving forward. the city would be forced to make escalating per day if it doesn't have specific venues ready for regatta use by march 1st. the city faces a maximum payment of $9.8 million if it can't meet
5:22 am
its obligation for hosting the main events next summer and fall. that's called financial motivation. the deal was approved by the budget committee last night and now moves to the full board. it's 5:22. coming up, the southern california bear that spent a few weeks living the high life in los angeles now has a new home. details next. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are wonderful ...but add some ham and cheese ...roll them up in some crescent dough
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and now you're watching a sneak peek behind the scenes. that's our director, gabrielle. yeah, that's really the control center. they're the ones that make us look great. look, i'm in that middle monitor there. can you imagine keeping track of all of that. that's why they're in there and i'm just out here reading the words in front of me. 5:24. one of the nation's top colleges paying people to stay away. mit's business school offering $20,000 for students not to enroll this year.
5:25 am
the money would actually be applied to next year's tuition. mit says the sloan school of management was oversubscribed by an unusually high number of students and they did not want to expand those class sizes. so far, four students have taken up the offer. do you remember that bear that kind of roamed the los angeles foothills taking dips in pools, casually hanging out and dining on meatballs out of garage freezers? the good news is along with being full he has a new permanent home. this video was taken several weeks ago. the 400-pound california black bear now known as meatball just chilling, cooling off in a grenada hills pool. why is he doing that? because he can. since being caught, he's been living in a cage at the lions, tigers an bears sanctuary in san diego down in san diego county. the sanctuary has been raising funds to build him a permanent habitat. >> but meatball is pushing for that pool because it's nice. >> meatball is also looking to have like regular meals served to him now. he's spoiled. you know what, i come from a
5:26 am
very well-to-do background. hey, you're going to need a southern california beach or northern cal one. it's going to get hot this weekend. >> it is going to get hot this weekend, so hold off on buying that new umbrella or fall coat just yet. we've got a hot weekend ahead. satellite imagery shows you at this point mostly clear conditions aloft, so we do have a lot of dense fog right at the surface this morning. your visibilities are really dropping off at this point so we'll take a look at that coming up and talk about the heat wave on the way before we get to those showers. lots to talk about this morning. first let's get you to work on time. here's mike. good morning. at least visibility from our camera to the road doing okay in palo alto, although as christina said right along the coast, highway 1 and daly city will get pretty dense fog from time to time. looking over here, a smooth drive picking up the volume northbound with headlights past university and the shopping center. a look at san jose, a nice smooth flow as well. northbound 101 just underneath the 680/280 interchange, very
5:27 am
light past tully. another look outside shows you oakland. see the flashing lights at the top of your screen? more construction clearing between 23rd and 980. not a huge deal, though, back to you. 5:27. still to come on "today in the bay" a popular east bay middle school teacher under arrest this morning. we'll tell you why next. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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good morning to you. thanks for joining us on this thursday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. this morning a quick message to the nfl replacement refs. don't go away mad, just go away. that's right, the old ones are out, the new nfl regular crews will be back out on that field starting tonight and i can tell you there are fans cheering everywhere. we're going to be talking about that coming up. roger goodell sending a message to the fans saying thank you for being patient and we are now ready to get back to what counts, that being the games on the field. we will check in with christie smith a little later on and she'll tell us about all that's
5:31 am
happening with the refs coming back. >> people certainly are talking and tweeting about it. the nfl office in new york actually received more than 70,000 phone calls in protest of monday night's call. late last night nfl commissioner roger goodell released this statement saying, quote, i want to give a special thanks to nfl fans for their passion. now it's time to put the focus back on the teams and players where it belongs. speaking of the referees, where they belong, they'll be back in action tonight and we go back to christie smith. she is live in oakland and has details of the last-minute negotiations that went down last night and what finally happened to end this lockout. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. you know, i was reading some of the headlines online this morning and one of my favorites said that they were just glad that this officiating travesty is over. that's really how raiders and niners fans are feeling out here this morning, saying that this is really the best news that they have heard in a long time. basically starting tonight, the real refs are back on the field.
5:32 am
now, the replacements worked for about three weeks and in that time what happened there on that monday night football game, that really odd call against green bay had tongues wagging and had twitter on fire. the tentative eight-year deal is the longest for a field official. it still needs to be ratified. according to one online report, oakland raiders defensive back michael huff jokingly said he actually liked the replacements. the team has certainly had more than its share of penalties but were averaging 4.7 penalties for 34 yards with those replacements. but one fan told me this morning, regardless, she's just glad the "a" team is back. >> no, not really because the 49ers are still playing the way they're playing. actually i don't think that it would really bother the raiders because i still think that they're doing a good job. penalties and all. >> reporter: so what's happening here is that the regular officials will be back at the browns/ravens game at baltimore.
5:33 am
reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the@q bay." fight or flight? an examination of muggings on san francisco streets finds resistance usually doesn't help and in some cases could actually land you in the hospital. bob redell joins us live with more on the thefts in the city and what's happening more and more to people who are actually trying to fight back. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. statistics from police here in san francisco show you how important it is to know your surroundings so you don't get mugged in the first place because if you do get mugged, regardless of what you do, there's a good chance you're going to get hurt. this is based on reporting done by the examiner, which used statistics from sfpd. there were 100 muggings over a roughly three-week period in august and september on the streets and muni. one-third fought back and when they did the majority were beaten up. we're talking about cuts and bruises. hardly any life-threatening injur
5:34 am
injures. only a few got back their stolen items. the people who cooperated, there was still a good chance of getting assaulted. about half were attacked even though they did not resist. the best advice from police, don't resist, cooperate with the mugger. those statistics show you definitely have a better chance of escaping unharmed. reporting live here outside sfpd, bob redell, "today in the bay." a teacher remains in jail this morning. he is being held on a $100,000 bail. investigators say he allegedly had inappropriate relationships with a former student at albany middle school. they are also checking to see if there are any more victims. it is 5:34. big safety changes are on the way for say san mateo school where a girl was abducted but the school says they will not be in place until monday. a fencing company has already started work at parkside elementary school fixing gates
5:35 am
surrounding the kacampus. parents will have to wait off campus when picking up their kids. there will soon only be one way onto and one way off that campus. on friday 25-year-old bradley morzak allegedly walked into the school, dragging a 9-year-old student out of a school bathroom. the girl said she was able to fight him off and run back to the school for help. he is being held without bail. he is expected to enter a plea in early october. 5:35 right now. we've got to check that forecast. as far as weather goes, a buffet out there. a little something for everybody, right, christina? >> yeah, a little something for everybody. before we get into our cool season, so you might want to take advantage of this warmup. triple-digit heat, it might be the pool weekend, might be a good weekend to make those beach plans or just head up to the mountains where it will be nice and cool. 55 to start you out in livermore, 54 in san jose. so what's interesting is you're going to find some really, really thick pockets of fog this
5:36 am
morning from santa rosa down to novato and up and down the peninsula. that's because we've got high pressure forcing that marine layer right to the surface and is generating a drizzle. very thin, however, so it's going to clear out quickly by 9:00, 10:00. as a result we will have abundant sunshine for today's giants game taking on the diamondbacks again. look at your conditions for this game. are you kidding me? 69 degrees, comfortable conditions at noon today. you're going to see the 70s in san francisco. san francisco, you hit your high around 1:00 p.m. so it's going to be very comfortable out there. not so much the case inland. 93 degrees, 80 bayside and 70 degrees at the coast today. we heat you up even more so. we'll show you how that looks on the seven-day forecast. first let's check your drive. >> there will be some thick fog this morning. we're looking at 101, not a problem here through palo alto. i'll show you first of all for san mateo and the incident just
5:37 am
off 92. we have construction both directions just north of 92 but things are moving smoothly there. around hillsdale, 101 northbound, we did have an accident that has just cleared from the reports and no slowing there. and 92 as you travel through the hills, also we had some debris getting cleared. there was slowing for a few but not anymore. at the coast, we do have some fog likely, mon tara as well as far as the mist goes. we're looking over to 101 and 152 where the accident cleared at dinosaur pointing but you still have some fog. not unusual for this pass either but keep that in mind driving through the area. a live look outside shows you things across the bay. we're looking at the golden gate bridge, another example of that fog skewing our view of the lights across the span. also a clear view of the east shore freeway from the toll plaza. the volume starts to pick up but no major slowing on the approach or at the toll plaza. >> those are pretty cool features, weather and traffic going hand in hand. 5:37 right now.
5:38 am
coming up after this break, decision 2012. president obama and republican candidate mitt romney are in another battleground state this morning and, guess what, there's a third party candidate coming right here to the bay area. >> and you may know her name. >> reporter: and what a new study shows about earthquakes that happen thousands of miles away and their effects on bay area fault lines. good morning, i'm marla tellez with that story still ahead. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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[ female announcer ] find progresso light for a great price today at your local safeway store. speeches by world leaders and foreign ministers continue today at the united nations general assembly. among today's speakers, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he is expected to warn the u.n. general assembly iran should not be allowed to arm itself with nuclear weapons. just yesterday iranian leader mahmoud ahmadinejad addressing the general assembly. this time he did not mention iran's nuclear program. speakers from libya, iraq, greece and china will also be addressing the assembly today.
5:41 am
5:40. president obama and mitt romney are nearly in sync as they campaign in key battleground states. today they're both in virginia after holding dueling rallies in ohio yesterday. tracie potts joins us live from washington, d.c., this morning. both candidates taking these swing states very seriously. >> reporter: right of the and today a little background in order. remember, the president won virginia four years ago after 44 years of that state voting for republicans. but then two years after he was in office, they elected a republican governor, so some back and forth. the president trying to win that back. he's at an outdoor rally in virginia beach today. mitt romney meantime is in the northern portion of virginia outside the district, outside of our area where he'll speak to the american legion in springfield in virginia. the president is expected to hammer romney yet again on the 47% of americans, the comments he made about them, those who don't pay taxes. early voting, by the way, is
5:42 am
starting in ohio next week where they were yesterday and it starts tomorrow in iowa. iowa, officials there tell us requests for absentee ballots already up 30% in some areas over four years ago. >> all right, thank you very much, live from washington this morning. this is interesting, another third party candidate for president will visit the bay area today. peace and freedom party presidential candidate roseanne barr, remember that name? she'll speak at oaksterdam university in oakland tonight. she'll show her support for the legalization of marijuana. earlier dr. jill stein was in the north bay and palo alto while libertarian candidate gary johnson was at uc berkeley. it is a legal argument with implications for gay couples all across the nation. the ldefense of marriage act wa passed back in 1996 and it denies government benefits to
5:43 am
same-sex couples. now, a federal appeals court is set to hear arguments later today challenging the constitutionality of that law. a ruling is not expected for several months. a brand new study this morning that very large earthquakes elsewhere in the world may in fact have a direct impact on fault lines right here in the bay area. marla tellez is live in san jose with more details on this story. marla, good morning. >> reporter: jon, good morning. we all know that the bay area is prime earthquake country with the famous or infamous fault here, the san andreas fault, the hayward fault, even the c calavares fault. we're live at the santa clara water district which happens to be holding a meeting today about the anderson dam seismic retrofit project in morgan hill. now, that dam is a major concern. water district leaders afraid it could fail in the event of a major earthquake and flood areas from morgan hill to san jose so
5:44 am
they want to update the public on the retrofit project. if you're interested, that meeting is at 4:00 at jackson elementary in morgan hill. the meeting comes on the heels of a new study that shows a major earthquake on the other side of the globe could trigger the two biggest faults. usgs seismologists in menlo park found that the magnitude 8.6 quake that hit in indonesia back in april actually triggered sizeable aftershocks around the world as much as a week later. one that was felt as close as monterey county. now, here's the thing. that 8.6 shaker happened on a strike slip fault and those types of quakes travel underneath the earth's surface and can reach distant areas. the hayward and san andreas faults are strike slip faults as well. so now is the time to make sure you have that earthquake preparedness kit ready for you
5:45 am
and your family. if you want to read more about the study, you can find it in the current issue of "nature." >> marla, thank you very much. i'm glad i just resubscribed to "nature." i'll check it out. >> you can borrow my issue. i read more mother nature. >> you know what, marla is right. you want to keep your family safe at all costs and it might bring grabbing an extra canned good at the grocery store, grabbing some emergency supplies. you want to always have a large stock of water. that's right, water, in case anything happens. 5:45. taking a live look at a very foggy san francisco. in fact i haven't seen visibilities drop to this level in probably four months. let's go ahead and show you where they are right now. we're down to a quarter of a mile in santa rosa to napa, even gilroy. a sign of the season. what's happening is high pressure is forcing that marine layer right to the surface. so above the clouds if you live in a high rise, you'll look over
5:46 am
the fog bank in san francisco this morning. it's a very, very thin layer but right over the surface. we actually have drizzle down the peninsula. we stop the clock and this is where it gets interesting. 8:00 a.m., yeah, look that's all that's left over the san francisco bay. we continue that futurecast and stop it at 10:00 a.m. not much cloud cover to keep us cool at that time. and look at this, we continue this futurecast all the way into tonight. marine layer stays offshore until about 11:00 p.m. tonight. that means you can actually get a clear shot of those stars in san francisco. 72 degrees, much warmer than average there today. 79 in oakland. because of the lack of cloud cover, we're going to be just about as warm in san jose. the extreme east bay mostly clear to start, 92 degrees, blazing sunshine right off the bat today in livermore. the heat really cranks as we head through the weekend. triple digits inland.
5:47 am
plan on using your ac or seeking shade because it will be hot. as you know, we don't hit the triple digits very often around here so you might be caught off guard if you're not ready for it. 91 on tuesday, wednesday 83 degrees, shower in the north pay. 5: 5:47. let's check your drive with mike. >> look at the bay bridge, we do have cash lanes starting to back up so stay over to the right if you can. here are the fastrak lanes so that will help you out right now. looking at the approach and the volume not so bad on the maps. we see no real slowing approaching the area coming off of 24. 880 and interstate 80 have construction zones still in place but those are likely to clear over the next few minutes. christina talking about concord looking all right, fairfield okay, but there's a little pocket i chatted with her about vallejo and the carquinez bridge that does have some fog and maybe some mist right now so just a note for drivers because that is a major commute route as well. highway 37 heading over toward
5:48 am
101 but north of there she talked about santa rosa. the orange spots are where the fog and mist may affect your drive. highway 1 as well along the coast. we'll show you what we're talking about as far as the volume of traffic. here's 880 past the fremont truck scales. volume picking up into the south bay. in the south bay, 101 looking at no major slowing except right here between tully road and 680. we see the speeds starting to dip because of the volume here. this is the burst just before 6:00. 6:15 another burst. we'll track that. back to you. it's 5:48. an 11-year-old boy shot last week while sleeping in his bed is back home this morning. luis hernandez spent six days recovering after being shot last thursday in oakland. doctors decided not to remove the bullet which actually remains lodged in his chest. but they say he is expected to make a full recovery. hernandez underwent five surgeries. this morning he says he's happy
5:49 am
to be home but doesn't like the reminders of what happened there. >> i don't like to sleep in my room no more. because of the bullet holes. >> the investigation into the shooting continues. police say the house may have been mistakenly targeted. so far, no arrests have been made. there are concerns over the spread of the very dangerous west nile virus and they're prompting mosquito fogging in the east bay tonight. spraying is scheduled to take place in brentwood, an area bordered by sellers avenue, balfour road on the south and brentwood boulevard. it will begin tonight around 7:00 and should last for several hours. health officials say that you should stay indoors and close your windows if you happen to live in that fogging area. also make sure your pets are inside and your plants are covered. >> bring your own tupperware. the city of santa cruz getting the green light to extend its ban on plastic bags now to include restaurants. the county already prohibits the
5:50 am
use of plastic bags by grocery and convenience stores. it originally included restaurants in that ban but removed them to settle a lawsuit. tuesday night the county board of supervisors voted to put restaurants back on the restricted list. the restaurant restriction is set to take effect next april. so either clean your plate or do something else. >> get a to go bucket or something. it's 5:50. after a brutal line drive to the head, a's pitcher brandon mccarthy is talking about possible safety measures for pitchers. more criticism this morning over apple's maps coming from a guy we hadn't heard from before. i wonder why not? we'll take a look coming up. good morning! wow.
5:51 am
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welcome back, everybody. there's an official announcement expected today on whether melky cabrera will actually be playing for the giants come postseason play. yesterday andrew baggarly reporting the giants would not be putting cabrera in their lineup. manager bruce bochy expected to make that official sometime day. cabrera reportedly, understandably, very disapointed with the club's decision but with all things considered he does not have plans to file a grievance. just weeks after he was hit in the head with a line drive the a's brandon mccarthy talking about possible safety measures for pitchers. he said he would be willing to look at porototype helmets. he said it's a dangerous game and things like this can happen. the 29-year-old was hit in the head with a line drive on september 5th. he actually needed surgery to
5:54 am
drain fluid on his brain but he's on the mend and hopes to travel with the team very soon. there's a good reason for mccarthy to want to be on the road with the team. the a's may have a spot in the playoffs. as of this morning, the magic number is six. that means any combination of a's wins and angels' losses that add up to six lock oakland in the wild card spot. the a's have seven games left in the season but wins will not be easy. they play division-leading texas in four of those seven games, including this morning. >> oakland hoping to keep feeling the magic. scott mcgrew says fewer people actually like the a's this morning. >> and the giants. the 49es, dare i say it, fewer people like you. anyone with a page that you can like on facebook. team's companies, media personalities like jon kelley are seeing fewer likes this morning after facebook worked to cut down on the number of fake accounts online. tech crunch looked at the
5:55 am
numbers and said zippiynga's te hold 'em poker page lost 96,000 fans overnight. it's been estimated about 1.5% of all accounts are created by spammers. it's google's birthday, 14 years old. if you measure from the day it was founded. google shares, meanwhile, hit an all-time high this week. there's actually some dispute as to when the true birthday is. google prefers september 27th. we don't celebrate george washington's birthday exactly right either. this guy is the most influential gadget reviewer in the world. he works for "the new york times." this morning he's finally weighing in on apple's disastrous maps. he said the maps got him lost on the way to a speech. the maps can't find dulles international airport either. we knew this. he reviewed the iphone 5.
5:56 am
that had apple maps on them last week and he didn't criticize the maps at all. meanwhile the "wall street journal" thinks the reason apple replaced google maps is because google wouldn't provide turn-by-turn directions. those are available on google android phones, maybe that was enough for apple to say enough. >> no one pulls over anymore and asks directions? >> you can't do that now. it's not allowed. >> i don't need that. leave the driving to us, right, christina? >> that's a dangerous scenario. let's go ahead and negate that trend scott was talking about. everyone if you're up, add jon kelley. we've got less than a quarter mile visibility in santa rosa and napa. even gilroy. that fog is thick at the immediate coast. it's not going to last long. we will clear by about 9:00 a.m.
5:57 am
and temperatures will be hot inland. 93 degrees there. bayside 80s and at the coast 70s. the south bay, the burst of traffic starting to smooth out. we'll show you 680 up to 880 as far as that slow zone for 101. and you know what, just about the time that smoothes out we should start to see slowing for north 85. that seems to be the new pattern heading off highway 17 up towards saratoga. live look outside, this is the san mateo bridge. 92 no slowing with the volume starting to pick up. back to you. 5:57 now. back in action and back in stripes. the nfl referees returning to the field tonight. we'll have details coming up in a live report. ♪ most paints have color that sits on the surface. but nothing beats benjamin moore's
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the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business. nearing that goal line. nfl replacement referees getting the boot as the real de


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